Power Bootcamp

Monday and Wednesday

5:30 am; 8:30am; 9:30am; 5:30pm; 6:30pm


8:30am; 9:30am; 4:30pm



Power Bootcamp is a one hour group workout that combines weight training and cardio exercises using various pieces of equipment to keep the workout fun, dynamic and challenging. This workout is created for all fitness levels and is designed to burn calories and build your strength and endurance. While this workout allows an "at your own pace" vibe, motivation and encouragement by trainers and participants will surely push you to your max potential for the best results. This is a high and low intensity/impact class created for every fitness level.

Strength Training 

Tuesday and Thursday


5:30pm; 6:30pm

Power Strength is a one hour group workout that focuses on leaning and building major muscle groups. With a variation of higher weights with lower repetitions and lower weights with higher repetitions, this class will help burn stubborn fat while defining those muscles. This is a low impact class created for every fitness level. 

Muscles with Mom



Every 8:30am class we welcome kids onto the turf to workout with us.  Exercise for the children are modified to enable participation while you get in a full workout.  If  you have little ones, we encourage you to try out this class! We are a family friendly facility.

ShepUp with JaCorey Shepard



ShepUp with JaCorey Shepard is a one hour athletic and endurance training class put on by JaCorey Shepard himself.  JaCorey is a former professional NFL player for the Steelers, Eagles, and 49ers. JaCorey has taken his talents and created a workout designed for kids 8 years old and up to help kids reach their full athletic potential. 

For the adults, JaCorey also offers personal training and adult group athletic training. 


Check out SHEPUP.COM to book your session with JaCorey.  

**Training with JaCorey is not included in The Power House Membership.  You do not need a Power House Gym membership to train with JaCorey.  When you register at for a class with JaCorey, all payments will go to JaCorey. **

The Power House Gym has unlimited attendance.  We encourage you to come as often as you'd like while listening to your body and its abilities. Same day multi class attendance is accepted. 

12448 Highway 205, Lavon Texas|214-897-5363|

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